What should I feed my cat that only eats treats?


My cat will not any dry food that I give him. He will only eat the treats that I give him. I have tried leaving the food out for days, and he still will just pick at it. What should I do?


Finicky cats: the struggle is real. I would recommend stopping by your local Chuck & Don’s and picking up some samples of cat foods and/or two or three small bags in various flavors so you can have options to try out. You can always return what doesn’t work if you have at least half of the bag left. Make sure you get options that are fishy and options that are completely non-fishy in both a poultry/fowl and a red meat option. Cats fall into one of three camps in most cases: fish, chicken/bird, or red meat. That said, cats are finicky about texture, so I’d also make sure to pick up several types of canned food (pate, minced, chunk, flaked, shredded, etc.). Moist food is better for cats, and if yours prefers it, there are many healthy and tasty options to choose from. Most cats are fed a combination – something like half a can of wet food in the morning and evening and access to about half a cup of dry food throughout the day (more or less of any of this is possible based on the cat’s age, size/weight, activity level, etc.). I would withhold treats for a day and see if any one of three food options appeals to your cat. If they don’t go for any of the three by dinner time, give treats. Repeat with three different options the next day. Regardless, keep offering both a dry and a canned option daily. Some cats just take time to get used to what’s being offered and will eventually warm up to it.

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