Introducing: Rawbble by BIXBI

BIXBI Rawbble Beef RecipeHave you thought about raw?

Discover a new way to add highly nutritious food into your dog's diet. Using freeze-dried technology, Rawbble locks in the essential nutrients of raw food in the convenient form of kibble. It's 98% composition of meat, bones and organs gives your dog a healthy source of protein that maintains things like healthy teeth and gums.

Three Ways to Use Rawbble

  1. A complete and balanced food. Rawbble has the essential nutrients to fulfill your dog's needs. If you choose to use Rawbble as your new food, remember to slowly transition your dog to the new food.
  2. Kibble topper. Adding a scoop of Rawbble to your dog's current food adds a tasty and nutritious bonus to their everyday meal.
  3. Treats. Full of nutrients and natural flavors, Rawbble is an easy an nutritious treat.
Rawbble by BIXBI is available in four proteins: wild-caught salmon, free-range duck, free-range chicken and pasture-fed beef. All recipes include select fruits and vegetables and do not contain gluten, grains, animal meal, hormones, antibiotics, fillers, artificial preservatives or colors or rendered by-products. BIXBI is run by two brothers out of Boulder, Colorado. Their passion for pets and nutrition led them to create a company that is focused on both pet nutrition and truly tasty treats and food. Check your local Chuck & Don's for sizes and availability.
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