Raising Awareness

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Raising Awareness is our annual summer fundraiser benefiting organizations strengthening the human-animal bond. You can help by making a donation at any of our stores through July 31, 2019. 


Returning Soldier Initiative

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Making a transition from active military to civilian life can be challenging. Returning Soldier Initiative partners with Search and Rescue Dogs of the United States to provide an opportunity for soldiers to continue to serve their communities, provide individual and family support, and ultimately save lives.

RSI’s mission is to facilitate the continued service and support of our returning soldiers. Returning Soldier Initiative pairs service members with search and rescue dogs and the training needed to find lost and missing people.

Minnesota and Wisconsin

Leech Lake Legacy

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Leech Lake Legacy is an animal welfare organization that empowers Native American communities to enrich the lives of animals by providing resources and sharing information. They provide wellness services to the pets of Leech Lake and surrounding areas. 

They also transport pets in need to the Twin Cities area (Minneapolis/St. Paul) for vet care and to find new homes. Last year, Leech Lake Legacy hosted seven spay and neuter clinics and seven wellness clinics. Since their founding in 2011, they’ve provided 20,148 services making a difference in the lives of pets and people.

Mission Animal Hospital

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Mission Animal Hospital is a nonprofit full-service veterinary clinic. The guiding mission of their work is to provide high-quality veterinary care for those in need. They focus on providing veterinary care to low income groups, the unemployed and the elderly. 

Nearly 2,000 pets enter their hospital every month and 80% of their patients qualify for subsidized pricing. Their mobile clinic reaches even more people and pets in underserved communities throughout Minnesota.

The Wildcat Sanctuary

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The Wildcat Sanctuary is a no-kill rescue facility located in Sandstone, Minnesota. 

They provide a natural sanctuary to wild cats in need and inspire change to end the captive wildlife crisis. One of these wild cats is Daisy, a privately-owned tiger surrendered to the Wildcat Sanctuary because of her neurological disorder. Daisy has stunted growth, an uneven gait and balance troubles. The Wildcat Sanctuary relies on donations for her daily care and visits to the University of Minnesota Veterinary Medical Center to keep her comfortable and as healthy as possible.


Kansas State Animal Response Team (KSSART)

KSSART LogoThe Kansas State Animal Response Team is a state team of volunteers helping people through animal disaster education, planning and response.

Volunteers educate the public on pet disaster preparedness, work with emergency management on planning for pets in disasters, and responds to provide shelter and care for pets displaced during a major disaster.

Thank You

We are so grateful to our customers who help us make a positive impact in our communities.

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