Nutrisource Chicken and Rice Puppy- Allergic?

Our puppy has been eating NutriSource Large Breed Puppy Chicken & Rice Formula since we got her back in May. She is closing in on a year old, but with some itching. We brought her to the vet and they think she may have allergies. We are starting with switching up her food. Any suggestions what to switch to that might help her itching?

Our first recommendation is to visit a local Chuck & Don's because our team members are trained to help answer this question. They will start by asking you questions to ensure that they are recommending the best food for your puppy such as; what breed is your dog? What is the dog's activity level? How many treats do they get a day? Are you still training them? What do they weigh now and what is their estimated weight as an adult? We have foods to accommodate all these questions. To address the allergy portion of the food we would need to do an elimination diet, if you haven't had allergy testing to determine what is causing the reactions. Again, we would need to ask questions to best help determine a food for your pup. Feel free to stop by your local Chuck & Don’s and speak to any team member!

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