New Dog Treats and Food

We're always searching for the most enticing food and treats. Here are our new products in stores now.

Gibson's� Toasted Bacons

[caption id="attachment_24745" align="aligncenter" width="216"]gibsons-toasted-bacons Gibson's Toasted Bacons[/caption] Opening the bag brings a wave of irresistible bacon aroma. With no grains, high-quality meats and flavors for all doggy preferences, Gibson's Toasted Bacons taste, smell and look just like bacon. They're the treat you just need to try. They're made and packaged in the USA at a USDA-certified facility. Locally sourced is in the DNA of its makers, so of course that's the first approach for creating these high-reward treats. Find Gibson's Toasted Bacons online or in our stores.

Wild Meadow Farms� Premium Dog Treats

[caption id="attachment_24746" align="aligncenter" width="220"]wild-meadow-farms-minis Wild Meadow Farms - Minis[/caption] Choose bite-sized or mini strips to find the perfect treat size for your dog. Family-owned and run Wild Meadow Farms created these natural jerky texture treats with no sugar, salt, corn, wheat or soy. Almost no dogs turn down these high-quality treats. The minis are versatile as a training treat, food topper and a high-frequency and low calorie treat for increasing your human-animal bond. Bites are easy to portion, making them ideal for pet owners with multiple size dogs. Just tear up the treats into different sizes to suit each pet. Both treats are soft, so even senior dogs or dogs with dental issues can enjoy them. Buy Wild Meadow Farms in our stores or at

Earthborn Holistic Venture�

[caption id="attachment_24747" align="aligncenter" width="197"]earthborn-holistic-venture Earthborn Holistic Venture[/caption] With limited-ingredients and single-source proteins, Earthborn Holistic Venture may be right for your dog, especially if you battle with a picky eater or a sensitive stomach. Learn more about Earthborn Holistic Venture.  
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