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Muddy Paw Management Guide

Keep your pets fresh and clean this spring. We all know spring weather means lots of water, mud and mess. Take the stress out of constant cleanup with our quick guide to mud management.

The Transition Zone

Set up a transition zone outside your house or vehicle with your dog cleaning tools. mudbuster-paw-cleaner The Dexas MudBuster Paw Cleaner is your must-have for at home and on-the-go. All you do is add a little water, insert the muddy paw, gently twist, dab the paw dry and repeat for each additional paw. Clean between uses to ensure paw freshness.

dirty-dog-doormat_greyFor a truly soggy doggy, a Dirty Dog Shammy and Dirty Dog Doormat are perfect for soaking up water and mud. The super absorbent fibers can soak up to 7X their weight in water and mud. The doormat dries 5X faster than ordinary doormats, and the shammy dries your dog 8X faster than a cotton towel or blow dryer.

Use the Dirty Dog Doormat as your plush and velvety secret weapon in cars, as a doormat, in crates and under food and water bowls.

Deep Clean

Sometimes a bath is all that will do to deep clean your dirty dog.  isle-of-dog-shampoo 

Made in the USA, ISLE OF DOGS perfectly balanced shampoos and conditions focus on removing dirt, grime and odor while creating a lush coat.  

If bath time is a struggle or you're looking for natural ingredients, try Buddy Wash's two-in-one conditioning shampoo. Made with pure botanical extracts and natural conditioners like sage, rosemary, green tea and chamomile, this coconut-based and alcohol free cleaning solution will naturally deodorize and clean your pup.   dirty-dog_shammy'

Conquer your sopping wet dog with a Dirty Dog Shammy. The ultra-soft fabric massages during drying, and the dual hand pockets gives you control while you clean and dry even the most energetic dogs.

Everyday Maintenance

small-dog-furminatorRegular brushing and fur maintenance is even more important in the spring. With all the mud and moisture, dog's fur can curl, knot and mat more easily. Plus, shedding can be more abundant in the spring, so it's even more important to keep it under control.

Designed by a groomer for professional results, FURminator deShedding tools reach deep beneath your dog or cat's topcoat to gently remove undercoat and loose hair. For dogs, it reduces loose hair from shedding up to 90% on regularly groomed dogs. For cats, it effectively reduces hairballs by reducing loose hair ingested by cats during self-grooming.

dirty-dog_grooming-mittThe dual action Dirty Dog Grooming Mitt combines super absorbency and hands-on grooming. The gentle rubber nubs trap and remove excess hair and brushes out tangled fur. It's especially useful for hard-to-reach areas. The absorbent side holds 10X its weight in water and dirt, so wipe away!

Other Tips

Keep mud to a minimum by regularly trimming the hair around your dog's paws so mud won't clump on them. Train your dog to allow you to handle his or her paws. Doing this on a regular basis will allow you to clean your pet's paws with less fuss. If your pup isn't fond of their feet being touched, consult a dog trainer to work on a plan. And as always, our knowledgeable team members are eager to help you find your perfect spring solutions. All product claims are made by product manufacturers or distributors.

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