Who’s with us on giving less screen time a go this summer?

#SUMMER is almost here, the prime time for posting pics of flowers in bloom, beach days and fun in the sun. But you know who’s #OverIt? Your petAn expert recently spoke out to raise awareness of how dogs are getting depressed watching us scroll Instagram for hours. And who could blame them? Apparently, one in five pet owners would choose to not see their pet for 30 days rather than give up their phone. Crazy, right? And yet, there’s a pretty good chance at this moment that your dog could be staring at you on your smartphone, right now.

Is your dog just jealous, or what? Would he like his own tiny phone, from which he could also read the interwebs and post photos? As cute as that would be, pets could care less. They couldn’t even use a phone to Facetime you at work since apparently recognizing faces on a small screen is really hard for them. Dogs’ real beef with cellphones is that they use up all your attention—something your canine friend craves. You’re the pack leader after all, and they look for you for reassurance, entertainment and yes, of course, food.

But wait, what if you’re using your phone to spend time with your dog...taking photos? Sorry, selfies only count as quality time for you. The sad truth is that a lot of dogs are as camera shy as they are adorably photogenic. Don’t get us wrong, some are amazing at it, but most just aren’t fans. It’s a perfect storm of doggie discomfort, with the awkward eye contact, the pressure to pose and let’s not forget the flash. We can’t blame you for needing to capture all that cuteness, but just remember to keep things chill and not turn it into a photo shoot.

And hey, let’s not forget to let cats weigh in. Since they’re not pack animals, they’re fine with a little “me time.” But the second they’re done giving all of their attention to that very important string they’ve been battling with for hours, they too would like your full attention. Immediately.

What’s the takeaway? Beautiful summer days are way too precious to waste not playing outside with your pet. So let’s all make a promise—No more checking our phone on walks when we should be checking out what our dog is smelling. No more scrolling on screen when we should be scratching their ears. And definitely no more making your dog pose in front of a sunset. It’ll be your pet’s best summer yet—especially if you toss them one of those burgers off the grill too.

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