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Lending a Paw 2018

Join us as we raise funds for local animal groups during our annual Paw Print Fundraiser. From Nov.16-Dec.31, 2018, donate any amount or round up your purchase. Your entire donation goes directly to these amazing organizations:


Freedom Service Dogs Freedom Service Dogs Logo Freedom Service Dogs of America unleashes the potential of dogs by transforming them into custom-trained, life-changing assistance dogs for people in need. Clients include children, veterans and active-duty military, and other adults. Their disabilities include autism, traumatic brain injury, cerebral palsy, spinal cord injuries, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Since being founded in 1987, Freedom Service Dogs has paired hundreds of client-dog teams�using dogs primarily sourced from shelters and rescues�at no cost to the client. With more than 100 clients on the wait list at any given time, Freedom Service Dogs (FSD) is determined to increase the number of service dogs that graduate from their training program so that they can impact more clients, more quickly�all while continuing to provide assistance dogs to those clients free of charge.


Midwest Battle Buddies is a 501(c)3 non-profit providing service dogs and their training to veterans in need. Service dogs and training can potentially cost $18,000 or more, but through their work with local rescues, the Kansas Humane Society, breeders and donors, Midwest Battle Buddies significantly lowers the cost. The group also works with the VA and veterans center in the Wichita community. The receiving veteran is only responsible for a $20 application fee. However, these veterans gain freedom and quality of life through the generous support of donors and sponsors. The donations will be used for training, feeding, veterinarian care, and housing for the dogs to insure they're completely ready to be paired with a deserving veteran.


Heading Home K9 Rescue Logo Heading Home K9 Rescue, a foster-based rescue, started in the spring of 2011 to assist in the rescue and placement of homeless dogs. The group has a soft spot for the dogs that others are most likely to pass over: puppy mills survivors; seniors; big, black mixed breeds; heart worm positive dogs; and animals who have been injured. Heading Home K9 Rescue is 100 percent volunteer-based and does not have paid staff or board members. Heading Home K9 Rescue takes in many heart worm positive dogs. These dogs are highly adoptable, but treatment lasts months and is expensive. The rescue is dedicated to their treatment and finding them forever homes once healthy. The group hosts nail trim clinics at our Bloomington, Minn. location, as well as adoption events at various locations. Proceeds from the nail trims go directly to help the dogs they rescue. MN SNAP logo MN SNAP's ongoing challenge is the price of veterinary pharmaceuticals. In the past year, they've spent tens of thousands of dollars in un-budgeted expenses due to an opioid shortage, a shortage that's expected to last until at least April 2019. Learn more about the nationwide crisis. Unlike other veterinary clinics, MN SNAP uses these drugs in high volume, as they anesthetize nearly every patient who walks through their doors. Due to the scarcity of these less expensive, more reliable drugs � like hydromorphone and morphine � they've had to create anesthetic protocols that cost twice as much per cat and three to four times as much per dog as compared to traditional, opioid-based cocktails. In addition, the cost of veterinary supplies is growing for everything from eye lubricant to IV fluids. Support from Chuck & Don's Pet Food and Supplies and Chuck and Don's customers this holiday season will help MN SNAP protect pricing for low-income families, shelters and nonprofit rescue organizations, while ensuring that the 16,500 pets they spay and neuter every year don't contribute to Minnesota's pet overpopulation problem. Ruff Start Rescue Logo Ruff Start Rescue is a foster-based animal welfare organization dedicated to saving the lives of at-risk animals. Ruff Start Rescue also collaborates, communicates and educates about the importance of animal rescue and welfare. Since its inception in 2010, the group has cared for over 8,900 animals. Along with the animal care program, the group offers a children's education program that is designed to stir a passion in youth to become the next generation of animal advocates. It's also committed to addressing community needs and sharing resources by offering spay/neuter funding for community owned and feral/barn cats. From January through August 2018, Ruff Start Rescue already spent over $226,000 on 1,226 animals. Costs are projected to reach $300,000 for veterinary expenses, supplies, equipment, and insurance by the end of this year. Donations will directly support these animal care expenses. With the amazing support of Chuck & Dons' customers and staff throughout Minnesota they can continue to give so many helpless animals a second chance to live healthy and happy lives. Together we will create lasting change for animals in need.


Farm, Feral & Stray Logo The Farm, Feral & Stray mission is to humanely manage free-roaming cat populations. By implementing Trap-Neuter-Return public education programs and collaborating with other Wisconsin area animal welfare organizations, the ultimate goal is to create zero population growth.? Farm, Feral & Stray has foster cats at several Chuck & Don's locations when they find cats that are already friendly or are young enough to socialize. Farm, Feral & Stray also runs a barn cat program. The cats are semi-feral or feral and are provided at no cost, though donations are appreciated. These cats make perfect residents for farms, stables and other locations with shelter options. The cats are spayed or neutered, vaccinated and ear tipped. The adopter is responsible for food, water, suitable shelter and long term veterinary care. paws first rescue Paws First Rescue is a charitable organization dedicated to the welfare of homeless dogs. All dogs adopted from PFR are spayed/neutered before adoption. Each dog lives in a foster home the entire duration of their stay in rescue. Most dogs stay in foster care for 1-3 months. Before being placed for adoption, each dog is spayed or neutered, vaccinated and receives any other needed tests or medical care. This care can range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars per dog. Beyond medical care, dogs in foster care have expenses such as food, toys, treats, bedding, collars and harnesses. The dogs are loved as family members by their foster homes. They work on skills such as crate or house training, leash walking and more. Your donations go directly to the care and comfort of the dogs while they are waiting to find their forever families.
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