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Knowledge Fueled by Nature

Vetdiet isn't just another kibble.

As a family-owned company, Vetdiet strives to combine the best of science and nature for the wellbeing of pets.

Science, Meet Pet Parents

It wasn’t enough to have exceptional ingredients. To make its food, Vetdiet uses the latest in pet nutrition, veterinary medicine, food science and pet physiology to create food that provides the best care for pets.

With a firm belief that the right food makes all the difference, Vetdiet combines its genuine expertise with its three guiding pillars.

dog-eating-vetdietPillar 1: Lifelong Pet Health

Vetdiet believes the foundation of a long, healthy life for pets is to provide them with the best nutrition possible. Giving the appropriate nutrition through a properly balanced and high-quality diet is the key to good health.

As pets change, their nutrition needs change too. So, Vetdiet created foods for each life stage.

Pillar 2: Purposeful Design

Each ingredient in its formulas was chosen for a specific purpose. Vetdiet evaluates its natural and functional capabilities, sources it credibly and combines it with other ingredients to deliver an overall healthy diet.

Pillar 3: Authentic Benefitsvetdiet

Seeing is believing. Vetdiet creates real food that people trust to provide visible benefits for the health and longevity of their pets. These benefits meet the real nutritional needs of pets and can be evident through a healthy skin and coat, optimal digestion and energy balance.

Beautifully Transparent

With nothing to hide, Vetdiet is transparent about what goes into its food and why. Each food is created with the best ingredients available in an optimal combination for each benefit. They've seen the positive results of their food and firmly believe you'll see the same in your pets.

Rich History

Founded by two passionate brothers, Vetdiet has been developing outstanding pet food in Canada for over 25 years. With the goal to serve more pet parents, Vetdiet recently expanded to the United States. We proudly are one of the first pet retailers to offer Vetdiet.

Visit any Chuck & Don’s to see if Vetdiet might be right for your dog or cat. As always, consult your veterinarian about any health concerns.

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