Kitten with Sensitive Stomach


What dry food options do you have for a kitten (9 months old) who may need a sensitive stomach formula, due to recurrent diarrhea? Have tried Iams, Blue Buffalo, and Purina Nurture. Have also tried putting a dried pumpkin supplement in with a little bit of pate. I was hoping we could just get by until they could be transitioned off of kitten food, but one of our ragdolls just can’t seem to tolerate food some days. Thank you for any suggestions.


We have many options here at the store. Most of our dry cat foods are going to be all life stages, which means you can feed them to kittens, cats, and seniors. I would recommend trying something with limited ingredients. Natural Balance has a Duck, Salmon or Chicken formula and those are single source protein formulas. It has a very basic ingredient panel, which can help you determine if it is a certain protein that is causing the loose stools. You could also take a look at Fromm, another all life stage food, there are many more protein options in this food that you could try.
Maybe trying a protein that your kitten hasn’t had before might be beneficial–some cats just can’t handle certain proteins. Whatever food you try, do a slow transition and give your cat at least a month on the new food to see if it helps.

A probiotic will be very beneficial for your cat as well. We sell several brands, but make sure that it has beneficial bacteria (we sell other digestive supplements that do not contain probiotics). Gentle Digest from Ark Naturals or Digestive Enzymes Plus Probiotics from Naturvet are both good options. Your cat’s digestive tract might not have enough beneficial bacteria for it to handle even a mild food. Reseeding the good bacteria in its digestive system should help if there is not an underlying health condition.

Pumpkin is what we would usually recommend to help firm them up–you could try the wet pumpkin that we have at the store. Give your cat a tablespoon of wet pumpkin per 10lbs of body weight for three-five days.

Finally– you might want to consult your veterinarian to rule out any medical issues.

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