Get to know Vital Essentials Pet Foods.

The Product

At Vital Essentials, everything — from chews to patties to treats — is formulated to mimic what’s found in the wild. That means their frozen and freeze-dried raw foods have nothing but whole animal parts, choice cuts of meat, vital organs, and more of the good stuff that dogs and cats were meant to eat.

Why We Love It

They use nothing but USDA-inspected proteins, without any added hormones, synthetic vitamins, fillers or other junk animals wouldn’t find in food they actually captured in nature.

What Makes It Different

They never use synthetic preservatives to maintain raw ingredients. Instead, they move fast to maintain maximum nutrients. Meat is either immediately frozen into raw patties and shipped, or slowly dried to naturally preserve and lock in all of the good stuff.

Why That Matters

This process removes none of the smells that drive pets wild or the vital nutrients that provide ongoing energy.

Who Should Use It

Great for both dogs and cats. Use the treats and chews for training or as a little extra attaboy or attagirl. Plus, these are perfect for sensitive stomachs or pets on limited-ingredient diets.

By freezing the meat immediately, the treats and food keep their nutritional integrity. All patties are processed and shipped frozen, so they’re never thawed until your pet eats it. For freeze-dried items, frozen meat is put into a freeze-dryer and slowly dried to maintain nutritional integrity.

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