Is there anything we can use to calm my dog down due to the fireworks?

Question: My poor dog will be a mess when the 4th arrives because of fireworks. We have a thunder jacket, Melatonin and nothing works. I'm worried about drugs. Is there any natural thing he can use? Fireworks go on and on thru the month sometimes. 


Fireworks and thunder storms can be so scary! We whole-heartedly applaud you for trying to help your pup. We would strongly encourage you to continue trying the Thunder Shirt, but with a small disclaimer: Thunder Shirts can be an amazing tool in your arsenal of anti-anxiety options but do need to be “charged” for some dogs. This means using it when nothing bad is happening: put it on for 5-15 minutes, give lots of treats and praise, play with a favorite toy, give a frozen Kong or a raw meaty bone (chewing releases endorphins!) and repeat daily until the shirt is something they look forward to. At this point, it’s ready to be used as an anti-anxiety tool.

Until you get the Thunder Shirt “charged up,” there are a few other tools to consider. Any product that you can use situationally (just for car rides, storms, fireworks, etc.) should be given about ½ hour before any anxiety-causing event for maximum effectiveness. Melatonin on its own can be helpful for some dogs, but many others need something more. Nature Vet’s Quiet Moments contain melatonin and several other natural calming agents and tend to work for more pets than melatonin alone. Perhaps the best tool to start with as the 4th inevitably falls during storm season, is CBD. Pet Releaf and Super Snouts CBD oils and chews are all options for you. If weather causes problems in addition to the fireworks, CBD is safe enough to use as a daily supplement! It offers natural calming so effective that it can help reduce seizure activity and nerve pain, so it’s definitely worth taking a look at the wide variety of options. If you’d like a treat/chew, an oil to administer by mouth, or need to give something with food, there are options.  Stop by your local Chuck & Don’s to talk with an associate and see which might be best for your pup.

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