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Is it cruel to leave my puppy in a crate while I'm at work?


I just got a new cockapoo puppy and I am crate training her and would like your opinion; is it cruel to leave her in a crate during the day while I am at work? I could try to run home during my lunch, but I had someone tell me she would get used to that and that I would always have to. I was a little hesitant getting a puppy but the rescues I looked into required that someone be home during the day, which I just can’t do.


Congratulations on the new puppy. No it isn’t a bad thing to leave your new puppy in a crate while you are at work. Just keep in mind he/she may have an accident every now and then. You should have a comfy bed or blanket in there for them along with a small toy to keep them busy. Your crate should have a divider so that your new puppy can have limited space, this helps to cut down the number of accidents. The theory behind that is your puppy will not go to the bathroom in his living area. Be sure you bring your puppy out before you leave and keep the water to a minimum, you shouldn’t put food or water in the create while you are gone.

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