It's totally natural for cats and dogs to have accidents in the house. But the ingredients in those cleaners you use to clean up the mess? Not so much. While it’s important to clean the crime scene as thoroughly as possible to prevent your pet from re-marking it, you don’t have to use products with harmful chemicals.

Floors need to be pet friendly.

After all, your pet spends a lot of time down there licking up crumbs, interesting bugs, and anything else their tongue can find. Plus, they’re walking around on those cleaned surfaces all day before licking their paws, which can lead to ingesting even more chemicals. In fact, dogs can actually absorb chemicals directly through their paws, so it’s really important to think about the products you use. Intake of these harmful chemicals can cause skin irritations, stomach and respiratory problems, and other serious medical issues.

End that toxic relationship.

There are a number of ingredients found in common household cleaning products that can be toxic for your pets. Ingredients to avoid include Ammonia, Bleach, Formaldehyde, Phenols and Phthalates. In fact, these chemicals can be harmful to humans and animals, so why use them around your house period?

Go natural.

And here’s the good news—all-natural cleaning products actually work great. They contain

enzymes that break down urine and feces odors so your pet won’t be attracted back to that spot for round two.

Pause to clean paws.

You take your dirty shoes off when you walk in, so why wouldn’t you do the same with your pet’s paws? Take a moment to wash off any nasty chemicals they might be tracking inside. In the end, it means a cleaner home for both of you. Paw wipes are the perfect solution to keeping them clean.

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