The Product

The Honest Kitchen is one of the few human grade pet foods (not to mention the one that started it all). That means from the ingredients they use to the facility they produce it in, it’s all up to people standards (it’s actually even produced alongside human foods like cereals and bakery mixes). You could totally eat it, if the mood strikes or the apocalypse or something.

Why We Love It

Everything about The Honest Kitchen sounds like what you’d want in your own meals. They only use all-natural ingredients—no GMOs, no fillers, no by-products, and no artificial preservatives—including carefully sourced meats, fish and produce. None of their ingredients come from China and it’s made in the USA. 

What Makes It Different

Lower quality pet food is often “feed grade”, and that’s a lot scarier than it sounds. It means the food is made in processing plants that obey only the minimum number of standards. It also means lower quality ingredients that could include slaughter by-products, restaurant or supermarket waste, feathers or “4D” meats: animals dying, diseased, disabled or dead. YIKES. 

Why That Matters

For the same reason you buy healthy foods for yourself: better food means better quality of life (not to mention living longer). Plus, your pet will definitely be able to taste the difference.

Who Should Use It

It’s great for any pet family member—dogs or cats, young or old—and the food is really versatile. The dehydrated recipes can be used as a topper for dry food, as a stand-in for a raw diet (great when traveling), or simply as a complete meal on its own. The soft texture and high moisture content are both especially ideal for senior dogs and cats of all ages, who need extra hydration.

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