GMO-free and organic pet food options?


Our household is going GMO-free and I’m wondering what dog and cat food options you have that are either certified GMO-free or organic?


Chuck & Don’s has a number of options to choose from for foods that are GMO-free and/or organic. There are a few different routes you could choose to go. The first is with dry foods. The brands that offer varieties with this option are Wellness, Canine Caviar, Great Life, Natural Planet, Natural Balance Organic Blend, and/or Orijen/Acana. Another option to try is freeze dried or frozen raw food. For freeze dried your options are either Sojos or Honest Kitchen. These brands have an almost oatmeal consistency. They come either with meat already mix in, or there is the option of adding raw meat to them. For a raw option you could go with Nature’s Variety frozen raw food or Primal Raw. These brands come in many different flavors. Some treats that would also be worth taking a look at would be our Plato line of treats or Grandma Lucy’s treats.

Most of our stores should carry all of these options, but if your store happens to not have any available it would be very easy for us to order it in for you with a very quick turnaround. Also, an added benefit is that the majority of the brands listed have a frequent buyer program affiliated with them. This being buy either ten bags or twelve bags and receive one free.

So I encourage you to look up the brands I have listed and do some research to see which ones you may be interested in. A great website to utilize that we use in our stores on a consistent basis is This site gives a good breakdown of what ingredients are included in a number of different brands. Then when you are ready stop into any of locations to be shown the different options and have any other questions you may have answered.

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