Free Food Container

Free Food Container

Upgrade your pet's food storage

Starting May 27, 2019:

  1. Buy any 13 lb bag or larger of Vetdiet® at Chuck & Don's
  2. Receive a free food container valued at $30 (while supplies last)
  3. Store your pet's dry food securely and dryly 

With two different size containers, choose the container that's right for the food you buy. The containers will be available at all Chuck & Don's beginning May 28 and will be given away with qualifying purchases until they're gone!

This recycled steel container is approved by the FDA. We recommend you wash it with mild soap, rinse and let thoroughly dry before using.

Why a Container Helps

Storing your pet's food in a container helps protect it from oxygen and humidity. When exposed to oxygen and humidity, kibble can begin to degrade, mold or become rancid.

How to Use the Container

To use the container, simply keep the food in the bag and slide the entire bag of Vetdiet into the container. Vetdiet's bags are resealable, so your food will stay fresh longer. Plus, the metal container adds an additional layer of protection against oxygen and humidity.

It's important to keep your pet's food in a bag instead of dumping the whole bag of kibble in a container. Keeping the bag makes it easy to access feeding guidelines, ingredients, barcodes, batch codes and expiration dates. Leaving the food in the bag also ensures that old kibble isn't left at the bottom, where it could become rancid or mix with the new food.

Vetdiet Food Guidelines

We highly encourage you to take a few minutes to review the expertly crafted feeding guidelines to ensure you're feeding your pet responsibly. Every Vetdiet recipe is designed to provide just the right amount of food based on their life stage, breed size and lifestyle. If you are trying Vetdiet for the first time, look at the transition guidelines on the bag for a smooth and seamless transition.

Other Food Storage Tips

  • Keep your pet's food in a cool, dry place to prevent extra moisture accumulating in the bag or bin.
  • Wash your pet's food storage container routinely, even if kibble is stored in a bag in the container.

The Vetdiet Difference

Vetdiet isn’t just another kibble. Using the latest scientific findings in pet nutrition and health, Vetdiet designs food for lifelong pet health. Learn about Vetdiet and find it for your dog and cat at any Chuck & Don’s.

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