Do you have any food recommendations for a gassy French Bulldog puppy?


Do you have a good dog food recommendations for our French Bulldog? He is 4 months old, in very good health, but he is very gassy. Our current puppy food contains corn, so I want to try one without. I’ve heard french bulldogs can have issues on foods that are too rich as well. Just wondering if you have any advice or if it’s usually a trial and error sort of process.


French Bulldogs can have a problem with gas especially if they eat fast or have a food high in grains. I would recommend a puppy food that had meat as it first ingredient. I would suggest Fromm Puppy Gold or California Natural Puppy, but we have a large variety of puppy foods to choose from. You will need to make any change to his diet slowly adding about a quarter of the new food to start out with and gradually over a week to ten days switch to the new food.  All of our foods are guaranteed so if one doesn’t work for your puppy you can bring it back and we will help you choose a new one.

Visit your local Chuck and Don’s and a Team Member would be happy to show you the puppy foods we carry.

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