Do you carry locally produced dog foods like Nutrisource?


We are getting a new springer spaniel puppy in January. Our springer was 12 when she passed and we always fed her Presise Dog food. We heard about another locally made dog food that’s even better. Can you tell me what it’s called and why this food would be better.


We are happy to hear about your new puppy that you will be getting in January, how exciting. There are a couple of different brands of food that are locally made and one of them is Nutrisource. Nutrisource is made in Perham, MN and is a great food that has a variety of formulas. They do have two puppy formulas: the small/medium breed and the large breed puppy.

As far as Nutrisource being better – it is a matter of what works best for your dog. The best way to do that is to try the food out. We have a great return policy here at Chuck & Don’s so you can try foods out worry free – if the bag is in the original packaging, over half full and purchased within the past 45 days, please just return it. We will help you find a food that works for your puppy! If you have any further questions feel free to visit or call your local Chuck & Don’s. Have a wonderful day.

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