Meet Stella & Chewy’s.

The Product

Small-batch raw pet food made in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. When it comes to meat, they only use the best from North America, New Zealand and Europe. Plus, no added hormones, antibiotics or steroids.

Why We Love It

It’s a really convenient way to try out a raw diet for your pet. Their Freeze Dried Patties, Meal Mixers and Raw Coated or Raw Blend Kibble are good to serve straight out of the bag—no worrying refrigeration or prep. Plus, if your pet loves it, you can go all the way with their Frozen Raw food.

What Makes It Different

It’s key to process raw food as a little as possible (that’s how you keep all the healthy stuff in).  Stella & Chewy’s uses minimal methods like flash freezing, freeze drying, and baking at low temperatures to create their scoop-and-go food options.

Why That Matters

This way, your pet is actually getting all the nutrients raw food has to offer. Stella & Chewy’s techniques mean their frozen raw and freeze dried food retains close to 100% of its nutritional value.

Who Should Use It

Basically everyone. Getting any amount of raw food into your pet’s diet is a huge win, nutrition-wise. Plus, almost all dogs love the taste. A raw diet is great for cats too, but you may have to work a little harder to get them used to the new texture.

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