Keeping Your Pets Active This Winter

7 Doggie Boredom Busters

Chase away the winter blues with activities and games.

  1. Teach your pet a new trick, like a spin or high-five. Start by guiding them into the behavior with an enticing treat. Then, use a marker word like “Yes!” to indicate when your pet did the action correctly.
  2. For extended entertainment, try long-lasting chews or freezing a bully stick, canned food or peanut butter in a Kong.
  3. Play scavenger hunt inside or outside by hiding treats or toys and telling your pet, “Go find it!”
  4. Try hide-and-seek with your pet. Start by telling them to wait while you hide. Then, call your pet over and offer praise or treats when you’re found.
  5. Add puzzle toys to your pet’s routine to make your cat or dog work for a reward. Find exciting options at any Chuck & Don’s.
  6. Join a doggie playgroup or indoor walking group. Many Chuck & Don’s stores host playtimes for puppies or for small dogs.
  7. Get outside and enjoy the weather. Remember winter necessities like Musher’s Secret, a cozy RC Pets sweater, Ultra Paws boots and Nite Ize light-up collar covers.

Ask a Chuck & Don’s team member for more tips, treats, winter gear and puzzle toys to beat winter boredom.

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