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Pet Care

  1. CBD and Your Pet

    What's CBD? CBD (cannabidiol) is a great calming supplement.

    CBD Isn't Marijuana

    They both come from the cannabis plant family but produce different results. Marijuana has lots of THC (the psychoactive component that gives you a high) and very little CBD. CBD comes from hemp—it’s high in soothing CBD and has only trace amounts of THC (that means .03%, or less). CBD is also referred to as hemp oil.

    All the Benefits from Full Spectrum Hemp

    With full spectrum hemp, your pet gets all the benefits of CBD plus the other cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, antioxidants, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals hemp has to offer.

    Together they can:

    • Help maintain normal emotional balance
    • Calm anxiety and overexcitement
    • Support immune system function
    • Support a health inflammatory response
    • Help maintain a healthy intestinal tract
    • Reduce pain

    May also help with:

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  2. Elevated Bath Time

    When buying a shampoo for your four-legged friend, do you do as much research on it as you do for your own products? Or do you pick the bottle with the prettiest design or the best smell at the pet store?  

    Why pH matters 

    Dogs have unique biological skin and coat grooming needs. Did you know that the outer layer of your dog’s skin is 60% thinner than human skin? This causes them to be more likely to experience irritation and skin viruses.  

    Not only is the skin thinner, but they have a different pH than humans as well. Human skin is considered acidic at a pH of 5.5. However, dogs are con

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  3. Free Food Container

    Free Food Container

    Upgrade your pet's food storage

    Starting May 27, 2019:

    1. Buy any 13 lb bag or larger of Vetdiet® at Chuck & Don's
    2. Receive a free food container valued at $30 (while supplies last)
    3. Store your pet's dry food securely and dryly 

    With two different size containers, choose the container that's right for the food you buy. The containers will be available at all Chuck & Don's beginning May 28 and will be given away with qualifying purchases until they're gone!

    This recycled steel container is approved by the FDA. We recommend you wash it with mild soap, rinse and let thoroughly dry before using.

    Why a Container Helps

    Storing your pet's food in a container helps protect it from oxygen and humidity. When exposed to oxygen and humidity, kibble can begin to degrade, mold or become rancid.

    How to Use the Container

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  4. Food that Measures Up to Your Pet

    pet-foodGiving your pet the best bowl is a serious matter to Open Farm.

    With a firm belief that every detail matters, Open Farm only uses ethically raised and sourced ingredients.

    This means:

    • Only catching fish that can be sustainably caught this season
    • Chickens have enough room for themselves and sleep at least six hours a night
    • Cows are grass-fed and grass-finished
    • At least 50% of all produce is sourced within a 10km radius

    And, it means cleaner and healthier ingredients are in every bite of your pet’s food.

    Starting at the Source

    Giving farm animals quality foods free from animal byproducts, no antibiotics or growth hormones, easy access to food and fresh water and a stress-free eating environment really does make a difference.

    Find the differe

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  5. Making Dental Care Easier

    Dental care doesn't have to be a chore.

    Why Bother

    Overlooking your pets teeth can cause serious, long-term health problems. Along with proper dental cleanings, at-home care is as important for pets as it is for people. Learn more about the specific reasons and tips to care for your pet's teeth.

    Make It Easy

    A chew each day is Whimzees' secret to happier, healthier smiles.

    Made from all-natural ingredients, each vegetable-based dog chew helps remove plaque and tartar.

    • Brushzees are engineered to fit the ways dogs grip and chew, so playtime turns into into fresher breath and cleaner teeth.
    • Alligator and Hedgehog chews are each formed into a unique and tanatlizing shape that keeps your pet entertained and healthier


    Make I

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  6. Expanded Grooming Services

    Taking care of your pets should be easy and fun. That's why we're adding grooming services to many of our locations.

    This summer, we're adding groomers to our Roseville and Shakopee, Minn. stores. That's in addition to the existing grooming services at:

    Hours and prices vary. Remember, a Great Dan
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  7. Hills Science Diet Voluntary Recall

    Hills Science Diet logo

    Chuck & Don's is aware that a pet product recall has been initiated on Hill's dog food. Hill's is recalling select lots of Science Diet and Prescirption Diet due to elevated levels of Vitamin D.

    We're taking steps to ensure that the specific products identified are NOT available in our stores. We take the well-being of our customer's pets seriously. Refer to the information from Hillls for details on the recall.

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  8. Knowledge Fueled by Nature

    Vetdiet isn't just another kibble.

    As a family-owned company, Vetdiet strives to combine the best of science and nature for the wellbeing of pets.

    Science, Meet Pet Parents

    It wasn’t enough to have exceptional ingredients. To make its food, Vetdiet uses the latest in pet nutrition, veterinary medicine, food science and pet physiology to create food that provides the best care for pets.

    With a firm belief that the right food makes all the difference, Vetdiet combines its genuine expertise with its three guiding pillars.

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  9. Icelandic Pure

    Iceland's clean, natural environment is only the beginning of what makes Icelandic+ different.

    Ethical. Environmental. Traceable.

    Investing in pet health and human welfare isn't enough for Icelandic+.

    • Every ingredient is ethically sourced from Iceland
    • Farmer partnerships provide Icelandic+ with lamb horns that otherwise may not be used
    • All treats are processed using geothermal-based energy
    • Every raw material is traceable to its origin

    Why a Lamb Horn?lamb-horn

    The Icelandic+ Lamb Horn is a natural chew that helps your dog’s gums to be “brushed” with its thousands of small fibers.

    If your dog’s teeth are not regularly brushed, your dog's gum may bleed at first. This is okay! The horn's fibers are "scrubbing" the gum line. For us, it's like floss

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  10. In-store Special, March 27-31

    $5 Bonus Card

    cat with ballHow to spoil your pet (even more):

    1. Shop March 27-31, 2019
    2. Buy three toys, treats or chews
    3. Receive a FREE $5 bonus card

    $5 bonus card expires 5/4/2019. $15 total minimum purchase required to receive card. While supplies last. Excludes tax. Card valid on next visit. In-store only.

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