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Which dog food brands are great for sensitive stomachs?

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  1. Do you carry goats milk for dogs?

    Yes, we carry goats milk at our locations.

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  2. Do you have goldfish?

    We do not carry live fish for sale at any of our locations.

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  3. Do you make pet tags?

    Our stores do carry a select variety of pet tags that can be made in the store.

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  4. What is your return policy?

    We accept returns within 45 days with original receipt (if not a Friend of Chuck) and if the bag of food is at least half full.


    If you have a product that you would like to return that falls outside of those guidelines please connect with your nearest store.  Your pets health, happiness and your comfort with us is, and always will be, our highest priority.

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  5. Do you accept PayPal online?

    Currently we do not accept PayPal online however, it is something that we are looking into.

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  6. Do you carry Merrick Classic Small Breed Recipe Adult Dry Dog Food 4-lb bag

    We don't carry Merrick Classic Small Breed Recipe Adult Dry Food in the 4 lb bags in the store regularly, however, you can certainly special order it! Special ordering an item doesn't cost any extra and we hold it for you until you're ready to pick it up! Call or visit your nearest Chuck & Don's and any team member can help set that up.

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  7. Does Chuck & Don's Sell Pigs Ears for Pets?

    Yes we do!

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  8. Best Dog Food for Allergies

    We do not have one food that is best for dogs with allerigies. Every dog is different and every dog's reaction to food is different. We recommend stopping by your local Chuck & Don's and speaking to a team member who can help assist with all of the questions that come with figuring out an allergy such as; were these allergies determined by your vet? Are they allergic to food? Are the allergies environmental? Do you want to try an elimination diet? Do you know about our return policy on food? There are so many factors to consider that it's best if you come in and talk to somebody and also, talk to your vet to make sure we can help.

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  9. Will any of your Colorado locations offer grooming services in 2019?

    As of right now, there will not be grooming in the Colorado locations for 2019. 

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  10. Do you sell heat rocks for turtles? Do you sell turtle food?

    We do sell heat rocks for turtles and we also sell food. However, there's a limited variety at each of our store locations. We recommend calling or visiting your local store to see what's available and if need be, you can always try to place a special order.

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