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  1. Does Chuck & Don's Sell Pigs Ears for Pets?

    Yes we do!

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  2. Do you sell heat rocks for turtles? Do you sell turtle food?

    We do sell heat rocks for turtles and we also sell food. However, there's a limited variety at each of our store locations. We recommend calling or visiting your local store to see what's available and if need be, you can always try to place a special order.

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  3. What is the best dog food for allergies?

    We do not have one food that is best for dogs with allerigies. Every dog is different and every dog's reaction to food is different. We recommend stopping by your local Chuck & Don's and speaking to a team member who can help assist with all of the questions that come with figuring out an allergy such as; were these allergies determined by your vet? Are they allergic to food? Are the allergies environmental? Do you want to try an elimination diet? Do you know about our return policy on food? There are so many factors to consider that it's best if you come in and talk to somebody and also, talk to your vet to make sure we can help.

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  4. Elevated Bath Time

    When buying a shampoo for your four-legged friend, do you do as much research on it as you do for your own products? Or do you pick the bottle with the prettiest design or the best smell at the pet store?  

    Why pH matters 

    Dogs have unique biological skin and coat grooming needs. Did you know that the outer layer of your dog’s skin is 60% thinner than human skin? This causes them to be more likely to experience irritation and skin viruses.  

    Not only is the skin thinner, but they have a different pH than humans as well. Human skin is considered acidic at a pH of 5.5. However, dogs are considered

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  5. Are Pets Allowed in the Store?

    Can I bring my dog inside the store?

     Yes, we allow well behaved, leashed animals in our stores.

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  6. Do You Sell Pets?

    We do not sell pets. We do have foster cats in our stores that are up for adoption through a rescue though. 

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  7. Water Filtration for Cats

     Do you have water dishes that filter water?

     Below is information for the water filtration fountains in Chuck & Don’s assortment by region:











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  8. How old do you have to be to work at Chuck & Don's?

    How old do you have to be to work at a Chuck & Dons?

    Thank you for inquiring about employment opportunities with Chuck & Don’s.  We employ young adults at the age of 16.  We encourage you to check back with our website careers page to review the open available positions for your preferred location.  Our team member positions require a minimum of 10 hours per week including availability during the evenings (after school) and on weekends. 

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  9. Steve's Raw Food

    Can you please tell me which flavor of Steve’s raw food has the lowest amount of fat? I have a five-year-old Pyrenees who had pancreatitis before.

     The guaranteed analysis doesn’t give us enough information on their website to be able to determine the exact minimum and maximum fat contents in their raw food diet options. Since your dog has a medical condition, we suggest reaching out directly to Steve’s themselves because their representatives should be able to give you the exact information you need. Their website is; and their phone number is; 1-801-432-7478.

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  10. CBD oil dosage for dog

    My dog was diagnosed with osteosarcoma 2 months ago and has spread to his lung. We want to give him CBD oil and we bought Hempworx 250 and it does not have any THC in it. How much can I give my dog? He is 100lb golden retriever and is that a good CBD to give him?

     We recommend asking your veterinarian what dose is the best for your dog as they are the most equipped to answer that question.

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