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  1. New Website FAQ

    Will my login be the same on the new website?
    Yes, all of your login information will be the same. You'll simply need to reset your password the first time you log into our new website. See directions below on how to reset your password.

    How do I reset my password?

    1. Go to and click “My Account” in the top right of the screen
    2. Select “Forgot Your Password?” to reset your password.
    3. Enter your email, type in the numbers from the Captcha and click “Reset My Password”
    4. Open your email and follow the instructions in the email to finish resetting your password

    How do I update my credit card information?

    1. If you haven't reset your password, use the directions above to create a new password
    2. From, click “My Account” and sign in using your new password 
    3. From your dashboard, check that you have an address under "
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  2. Dental Care for Pets

    Proper dental hygiene is just as important for pets as it is for humans.

    Like us, pets develop periodontal disease. Pet parents need to work with their veterinarian to prevent it or detect it in the early stages. As it advances, it can cause intense pain and severe problems associated with kidney, liver and heart muscles.

    What is periodontal disease?

    Periodontal disease is a bacterial infection of the teeth and tissues, above and below the gum line. It starts as a bacterial film called plaque. As the bacteria attaches to the teeth, it hardens if it isn't brushed off or rubbed off by chews or hard food. In a few days, plaque can harden into calculus, furthering gingivitis. The combination of infection and inflammation can lead to bone loss in the jaw, loose teeth and chronic pain.

    Dogs and cats are excellent at hiding periodontal disease, but some signs include bad breath, only eating on one side of the mouth, no longer wanting to chew o

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  3. What is the safest and easiest way to clip my guinea pig’s nails?

    1. Gather your supplies. First, you’ll need a nail clipper. You can use a nail clipper for humans or one designed for cats or small animals. Second, you’ll need styptic powder. The powder quickly stops bleeding in case you cut the nail too short.
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  4. Valentine’s Day & Your Pets

    Your sweetest friend deserves extra love on Valentine’s Day.

    Look Fantastic

    Everyone wants to look their best on Valentine’s Day. Add a Huxley & Kent bow tie or flower to spruce up any outfit. Complete the look with a red collar, harness or leash. For red-to-toe look, add fleece-lined Canada Pooch wellies to protect your dog’s paws from salt, cold and winter conditions.

    Valentine’s Day & Your Pets


    Valentine’s Day isn’t complete without a few extra goodies to munch on. For dessert-loving dogs, treat them with Puppy Scoops ice cream for dogs. Add extra crunch on top by crumbling Mutt Mallows, Wild Meadow Farms jerky treats or freeze-dried kibble on top.

    If you want a simple solution, find a cute heart-shaped treat that’s the right shape an

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  5. Which dog food brands are great for sensitive stomachs?


    Many dogs who have a sensitive stomach do well on a limited ingredient diet, such as lamb & rice. Several brands offer a limited ingredient choice including Natural BalanceWellness Simple Solutions, and Blue Buffalo Basics. It may also help to change the treats you give him to a more limited ingredient choice.

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  6. Do you sell ground bone and raw meat as dog food?


    Yes we currently carry a large variety of raw food options – most are complete diets and a few are supplemental diets.

    We also have a nice selection of raw bones. The raw bone brands we have in stock at most locations include:
    Nature's variety
    Northwest Naturals*
    Natures Logic
    Raw Bistro
    Vital essentials*

    *limited selection

    Our inventory of raw bones/raw food may vary from location to location and we will gladly check to see if there are other brands we can bring in for your pet.

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  7. Do you carry Taste of the Wild, and would it be a good option for my senior dog?


    Yes, we carry Taste of the Wild Dog Food. Please call or visit your  local Chuck & Don’s for price and availability.

    It is important to remember that mature dogs have special nutritional needs; feeding senior dogs a diet that is specifically designed to meet these needs will help them live longer and healthier. Our stores’ team members can help you with questions regarding feeding your senior dog.

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  8. What would you suggest for a dog that is a picky eater?


    I have a Goldendoodle who is a picky eater. Currently I’m feeding him the Wellness kibble, which I’ve been told is a very good food. He doesn’t seem to get very excited about his food and will take all day to finish. Is there a better option for picky eaters?


    Some dogs can be picky eaters. Dogs that have food available all day are dogs I call “grazers.” If food is available at all times throughout the day, the dog knows that he/she does not have to eat it when it is time to eat because the food will be there later.

    If the food doesn’t get eaten during the day you might want to give a little less each day. The guidelines on the bags are for all breed of dogs and all activity levels.  Treats should also be counted in the amount of food the dog receives a day. If a dog gets quite a few treats that could also be a reason for not eating all the kibble.

    Wellness is a good brand of food. With Wellness you can rotate the protein so

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  9. How can I best transition my cats from free feeding to a feeding schedule?


    I currently free feed my 4 cats. They have been getting sick a lot recently. I am wondering if the best way is to no longer free feed to limit the food intake. I feed them a grain free diet with a “treat” of canned grain free food once a week. I am wondering if this is a good way to hopefully reduce their vomiting. How do I stop the free feeding while reducing the stress on them of no longer free feeding?  Thank you kindly for your help, my four-legged children thank you as well!


    Although cats do get sick on occasion for many different reasons you want to avoid having them get sick on a regular occasion especially if you are not sure why they are vomiting. I would want to ask several specific questions about the situation to try to get to the reason for the vomiting as it could be because they are eating too fast, a possible food allergy/intolerance, stress, or something more medically related. My suggestions would vary depending on certai

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  10. Kitten with Sensitive Stomach


    What dry food options do you have for a kitten (9 months old) who may need a sensitive stomach formula, due to recurrent diarrhea? Have tried Iams, Blue Buffalo, and Purina Nurture. Have also tried putting a dried pumpkin supplement in with a little bit of pate. I was hoping we could just get by until they could be transitioned off of kitten food, but one of our ragdolls just can’t seem to tolerate food some days. Thank you for any suggestions.


    We have many options here at the store. Most of our dry cat foods are going to be all life stages, which means you can feed them to kittens, cats, and seniors. I would recommend trying something with limited ingredients. Natural Balance has a Duck, Salmon or Chicken formula and those are single source protein formulas. It has a very basic ingredient panel, which can help you determine if it is a certain protein that is causing the loose stools. You could also take a look at Fromm, another all life s

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