Abby's Story

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Although the Hartzell family has lost Abby, she lived to be 14 years old – a long life they attribute to improving her diet.

Many years ago, Bob Hartzell, President and CEO of Chuck & Don’s, contacted a vet to discuss better food options for his dog, Abby. The Hartzells weren’t picky about Abby’s diet and Abby wasn’t a picky eater. They would feed her whatever they happened to pick up at the grocery store. It wasn’t until the vet recommended they start feeding Abby – then six years old – a premium pet food that the Hartzells learned about the benefits this type of diet could have for Abby’s health. The vet said Abby could live a longer and healthier life and the Hartzells were sold on the importance of good nutrition dogs.

Months later at a local community meeting, Bob met the founders of Chuck & Don’s, Chuck Anderson and Don Tauer, who were looking for a business partner. Through their discussions on pet nutrition, Chuck, Don and Bob found they had much in common and the Chuck & Don’s business partnership was expanded.

After Chuck & Don’s expanded into Colorado in 2011, Bob got the idea for a dedicated community space where pets and people could be brought together to celebrate the human-animal connection. When coming up for a name for the space, Bob of course thought of Abby and so “Abby’s Pet Place” was born.

Not only did Abby bring Bob to Chuck & Don’s, she provided many loving moments and memories for the Hartzell family. Bob describes Abby as “a lovable dog that anyone would be blessed to have as a member of their family.” Bob also credits Abby with being a life saver to his toddler son who would have most certainly suffered serious injury from a fall down the stairs if Abby hadn’t been there to break his fall.

Thank you Abby, for bringing everyone together. Your legacy will live on through Abby’s Pet Place.