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We carry a great selection for starting a new tank or maintaining your existing tank; several brand names and a wide variety of decorations, food, and equipment.  Selection, flavors and brands vary by store. For specific information call the your nearest store.

Aquatic Information

Different kinds of fish require different care, different conditions, different space, and different equipment. Decide on what fish and how many before buying food and equipment. Learn about the fish you want to keep. How many fish will there be? How big will they get?

Aquariums: volume matters.

Volume is critical to the health and happiness of your fish as well as ease of maintenance (the larger the tank, the easier the care). To determine tank volume: one gallon of water for one inch in length of healthy small or mature fish per gallon of water. Large or messy fish require three gallons of water per inch of fish. Visit a Chuck & Don’s store to see what we stock. If not in stock we can order whatever tank you need.

Filtration: cleaning house.

Filters remove excess food, decaying organic matter, free-floating particulate, dangerous chemicals, and the fish’s waste products from the water. Like the right tank, the right filter(s) will greatly reduce the care required to keep healthy happy fish, as well as can make your tank look nicer. A gravel vacuum will aid in more effective tank cleaning.

Air pumps and heaters: maintaining a quality atmosphere for your fish.

Air pumps don’t directly oxygenate the water, but move it from the surface to the rest of the tank to provide gas exchange (oxygen from the surface and carbon dioxide to be released at the surface). They also might perform other functions. Heaters are a necessity for tropical fish.They are available as exterior, hanging and submersible and, less common, substrate varieties. Talk to one of our team members about criteria for choosing heaters and air pumps.

Fish food

Aquarium fish derive from a variety of habitats. Therefore, they have very specific dietary needs. We’ll help you find the right menu for your fish from our variety of fish foods.

See “The First Tank Guide” website for detailed information on setting up your first aquarium.

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